AED360-ProCardio, authorized distributor for Philips AEDs.
We help to save lives.


It’s our dream that everyone who goes into sudden cardiac arrest, can survive; everywhere and every time. That’s our objective as a pioneering Philips AED distributor. We are active in most European countries and unique in the world with our single brand, single product strategy.

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Our mission is inseparably linked with reliability, in every sense. It is the foundation of our business. That naturally requires a reliable product.

As the market leader in the field of medical equipment, and with years of experience in cardiovascular care, Philips understands what people need. With that in mind, Philips has developed AEDs like the HeartStart HS1 - the best-selling AED in the world!

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We are committed to making every place heart-safe. Setting up projects in close cooperation with clients and various players from different industries, is one of our strategies to achieve our mission.

Partnerships are a vital element of our growth strategy. All projects have their own significance, no matter how big or small they are.

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We focus on growth by creating a large and diverse European distribution network, and by developing projects together with a wide range of partners. In the Netherlands, we have the opportunity to offer our clients service and support on location as well.

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